Heineken® beer was first brewed in 1873 in Amsterdam, and since then its high quality and original recipe have remained unchanged. Its bright and dynamic character was appreciated by tens of millions of people around the world, including in Russia. Innovation is a key success factor for Heineken®. For the first time in Russia, Heineken has launched a one-of-a-kind product, Heineken Draft, using pressurized beer filling technology to keep the beer fresh inside the keg for 30 days after opening. In 2009, Heineken revolutionized the Russian beer market by launching an advanced BeerTender system using a unique, cutting-edge technology, making quality draft beer available to consumers not only in bars, but also at home. The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious European club football tournament. It is held annually between the leading clubs in Europe under the auspices of UEFA, and its final is an event that unites millions of people around the world. That is why Heineken®, the most prestigious and international beer brand distributed in more than 170 countries, has been the official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League since 2005. Starting from the 2017 season. Formula 1 World Championship under the auspices of the International Automobile Federation (IAF), HEINEKEN becomes the title sponsor of three Grand Prix in Italy, China and Mexico, as well as a partner of six more F1® stages, including the Russian one. As a global partner in the beer category, the company is eligible to sell beer, as well as on-pack promos and point-of-sale activations during most F1® races.


Amstel® is a brand with 150 years of history. The history of Amstel® began in 1870 in Amsterdam with a true friendship between two entrepreneurs - innovators - Charles and Johannes, who wanted to brew the best beer together. By combining their knowledge and commitment to uncompromising quality, they were able to organize the construction of a brewery in just four weeks and make a real revolution in brewing. At that time, everyone brewed only low-quality hazy ale - the process took only one day, and friends increased the brewing time to 20 days and cooled the beer in the process of transportation with ice from the Amstel River. With the help of this technology, a clear amber beer of excellent quality was obtained. To this day, Amstel® is a truly balanced beer with a refreshing hop bitterness on the palate and a hop aroma with delicate notes of herbs that is brewed longer than regular beer from 100% natural ingredients. According to legend, the red and white ball in the Amstel® logo symbolizes the friendship of the founders of the brand and their dedication to a common cause. Amstel® believes that alone you can do a lot, but together with friends you can do much more. In 2020, on its 150th anniversary, Amstel® introduced Russian consumers to Russian consumers with an updated, eye-catching design and a new advertising campaign "Amstel® for Friendship". The new design emphasizes its uniqueness - it reflects the history of the birth of the brand and, of course, the high quality and naturalness of our beer. We have retained the warm gold color that our consumers love so much and have significantly enlarged the Amstel® logo so that the consumer can easily find the brand on the shelf. Amstel® is one of the best selling beer brands in the world. Today, consumers in more than 110 countries of the world, including Russia, enjoy it.


Miller Genuine Draft has an exceptionally soft, fresh taste that has allowed the brand to conquer the whole world. Since 1885, the brand has been solidifying its status as an excellent premium beer. Quality knows no bounds, which is why Miller Genuine Draft is sold in more than 50 countries around the world. In Russia, sales of the brand began in 1994, and in 2000 Russia became the first country in Eastern Europe to launch local production of the brand. Miller has established itself as the perfect brand for those special night out moments.


The Gösser brand comes from the heart of the Austrian Alps - from the city of Göss, where beer was brewed as far back as the 11th century. Gösser first appeared in 1860 and has been offering uncompromising quality according to the highest Austrian brewing standards for 156 years. Gosser is an excellent beer brewed according to a traditional recipe in accordance with the “Beer Purity Law”. It is a light Austrian lager of high quality with a harmonious, full-bodied, slightly bitter taste.


Krušovice Svetle is a classic light Czech pilsner style beer. It is brewed using special types of malt, which gives the beer a rich taste, balanced by noble bitterness.

Guinness Original

Guinness is a brand that epitomizes the dark beer category. Guinness Original is the Guinness that started it all. Guinness Original is the true embodiment of the 200-year history of the St. James Gate. Unlike Guinness Draft, often found in bars, whose recipe was created only in 1959, Original is brewed according to a recipe that has been recorded since 1821 and is a direct descendant of the original porter that made the Guinness name famous all over the world. Today this beer is brewed not only in Ireland, but also in many other countries of the world, including Russia. In 2014, the Heineken brewery in Russia was awarded the Guinness League of Excellence certificate as a partner producing the best quality licensed beer of this brand.


Staropramen is a premium light lager brewed according to traditional Czech recipes and has a mild, balanced flavor, making it perfect for delicious meals. It is a beer with a rich history that has been brewed with great pride for almost 150 years in the Smichov district in the center of Prague. Today Staropramen improves the recipes of its beer, maintaining a balance between tradition, modern technology and innovation. The company's experts carefully monitor all stages of production in order to maintain the consistently high quality of the product. Staropramen is sold in more than 40 countries. Every year more and more people become fans of the great taste of real Prague beer, the symbol and spirit of Prague, available to lovers of this drink around the world. Staropramen - Prague's number 1 beer in the world.


The history of HEINEKEN began over 150 years ago, in 1864, when Gerard Adriaan Heineken bought a small brewery in the center of Amsterdam. For four generations, the Heineken family has been involved in promoting the Heineken brand and expanding the company’s presence in the world.

Today HEINEKEN is the number one brewing company in Europe and the third largest in the world in terms of sales. We produce over 200 international, regional and local brands worldwide, and Heineken® beer is available worldwide (excluding Antarctica and the Sahara). We brew great beers, create great brands, strive to surprise and delight consumers, and are proud of our history and rich heritage.

HEINEKEN was created as a family business that is committed to three core values. They are based on love for beer and respect for our employees, business partners, customers, shareholders and everyone associated with the company. Life values ​​that are important to us form the basis of business behavior and determine the company’s policy in relation to a wide range of issues.