EFES Pilsener

Efes Pilsener is produced at 14 breweries in 7 countries and sold in more than 40 countries, including the UK, Germany, Brazil, and the USA. Efes Pilsener is the flagship brand of the Efes Kazakhstan brewing company. The brand is named after the ancient city of Ephesus, the political and cultural capital of Asia Minor, the second most important city of the ancient world after Rome. Efes Pilsener is a Mediterranean beer with a perfectly balanced taste, malt aroma and golden-straw color. Beer has a classic hoppy bitterness and natural sweetness of malt. The recipe for Efes Pilsener was updated in May 2017. The taste of the beer brewed with Mediterranean passion has acquired a softer tone due to the reduction in the level of hop bitterness. Fans of a light amber drink with a balanced aroma of hops and malt will love Efes Pilsener.


The benchmark for Blanche, a Belgian unfiltered wheat beer. First brewed in 1445 by a group of monks in the village of the same name according to a special recipe using coriander and orange peel. Hoegaarden Blanche has a multifaceted unique taste: soft, light, with notes of spices and citrus fruits and a subtle hop bitterness.


The leader among alcohol brands in the ranking of the Best Global Brands by Interbrand. Every second on Earth in 85 countries of the world, in 5 parts of the world, about 120 liters of BUD are sold. BUD is brewed longer than any lager due to the unique recipe, which involves aging on beech shavings for 28 days. This is how its legendary soft and light taste is obtained.

Stella Artois

The world's most popular Belgian beer, sold in over 80 countries. This is a symbol of European style and sophistication, a drink for people with a refined taste. Stella Artois is a super premium classic lager with a distinctive bitter taste and refreshing hop aftertaste.


Dutch brewing traditions and the global popularity of the capital of the Netherlands formed the basis of the name and ideology of the brand. Amsterdam Navigator with a strong rich taste allows you to plunge into the amazing life of the city of Amsterdam with its unique culture, as well as unique freedom and light recklessness. Excellent quality, bright rich taste and full aroma are achieved through the use of selected natural ingredients, and natural strength is achieved through a longer fermentation process.

Velkopopovický Kozel

Corona Extra

A light, refreshing and light-tasting lager with an alcohol content of no more than 4.5%, which is traditionally served with a slice of lime. Corona Extra is produced exclusively in Mexico and is the most well-known and best-selling brand among all goods and services that are produced in this country. Included in the TOP 5 best-selling varieties in the world.


Essa Pineapple & Grapefruit
Premium beer with juicy pineapple and grapefruit flavors. Beer is positioned as the best alternative to cocktails for parties with friends, due to its bright fruity taste, the right alcohol level (6.5%) and the image of an active party brand.




AB InBev Efes was formed on March 30, 2018 through the merger of AB InBev and Anadolu Efes businesses in Russia and Ukraine.

AB InBev Efes has 11 breweries in Russia in Vladivostok (Primorsky Territory), Volzhsky (Volgograd Region), Ivanovo (Ivanovo Region), Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan), Kaluga (Kaluga Region), Klin (Moscow Region), Novosibirsk (Novosibirsk Region). ), Omsk (Omsk region), Saransk (Republic of Mordovia), Ulyanovsk (Ulyanovsk region), Ufa (Republic of Bashkortostan) and three malting complexes in Kazan, Omsk and Saransk.

On the territory of Ukraine, the company has 3 breweries: in Chernigov, Nikolaev, Kharkov.

The company’s brand portfolio consists of more than 75 well-known brands. The main brands of beer represented in Russia are BUD (“BAA”), BUD Alcohol Free (“BAA Non-Alcoholic”), Spaten (“Spaten”), Corona Extra (“Crown Extra”), Velkopopovický Kozel (“Velkopopovitsky goat”), Hoegaarden (“Hugarden”), “Old Melnik from the Barrel”, “Klinskoye”, “Polar Bear” and others. At the moment, AB InBev Efes is one of the leaders in the brewing market in Russia and Ukraine.

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