It all started with a dream

Our history


The mission of the Saphir Group is to introduce a culture of alcohol consumption in Uzbekistan, expanding the range of the portfolio and raising the quality of products, thanks to exclusive cooperation with world giants.


If you look at the history of the formation of large companies and holdings, in most cases everything starts with one simple person and his big dream. The Saphir Group is no exception. Few people know that the holding now well-known throughout Uzbekistan and beyond its borders began as a simple student who simply did not have enough money.

“Yes, it cannot be!” – you might think. Can! Starting his journey as a loader in a store, our founder worked tirelessly, sometimes spending the night in it. He sold, delivered products, communicated with suppliers and customers. Daily studying the market, problems of suppliers and consumers, he found not trivial solutions, but the most simple and convenient ways to change the situation on the market as a whole.

The very first and main problem at that time was the supply of products. Either it simply did not exist, or the deliveries were delayed, or the goods arrived in an inappropriate condition. To retain customers, he gathered a team of like-minded people, inspired by his own example, setting new quality standards for the market. Now Saphir Trans Logistics has its own vehicle fleet, trained personnel and specially equipped warehouse facilities: all temperature and light conditions are maintained for each specific type of product.

Solving one problem after another, setting ourselves ever new, higher standards, attracting like-minded partners, we continue to prove that nothing is impossible!

Now the Saphir Group is a holding that employs over 300 people. We are # 1 in Uzbekistan for the import and distribution of beer in 2020-2021. Our portfolio includes exclusive contracts with dozens of world giants in the production of alcoholic beverages. And this is based on the main mission – instilling a culture of alcohol consumption and attracting new world brands to the market.

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